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Our Story

One early Mississippi morning in 2019- after a day full of hunting and a night full of Wild Turkey whiskey at our hunting camp in Yazoo City, my buddies informed me that I had gone on a rant about a crazy business idea the night before. I had told them of my dream to start an outdoor brand that was made for the Blue Collar, down-home men and women who shared the same traditional values that I was raised with. I wanted to bring quality products that wouldn’t break the bank to people who were just like me- people who loved and respected all aspects of the outdoors throughout every season. I had even drawn up a rough draft (a very rough draft) of an idea for a logo on a leftover Wendy’s napkin. It would have three B’s, each letter with a bass, buck, and a bird inside of it. That day in 2019, Bass Bucks and Birds was born. Being a true outdoorsman doesn’t end as the seasons change- it's a way of life. So, we made “Never An Off Season” our slogan, and it’s been nothing short of a wild ride since then.  

My first step was to bring my very rough draft of a logo idea on that crumpled up Wendy’s napkin to our local design shop and turn it into an actual logo. Once that was done, I bought my first 12 Richardson hats and had them locally embroidered with our brand new logo. Of those original 12 hats, I gave 4 away to some of the most important men in my life- one of those being my Dad. I sold the other 8 and had enough to buy 12 more. One of those 12 original hats is now buried with my dad who we lost on March 10, 2021. He was so happy to be able to see Bass Bucks and Birds start to get off the ground. I know he’d be proud to see where we as a company have made it today. 

From buying 12 hats at a time and screen printing our own shirts in-house to fulfilling thousands of orders nationwide, we have grown leaps and bounds in just 5 short years. Over the years, we have used our business to support multiple local causes including raising money to buy Christmas presents for kids hospitalized during the holidays and feeding our local homeless veterans. As a small family business of just 5 employees, we strive to always bring you quality products at affordable prices and provide the best customer service to all those who continue to support us. We hope you continue to love our products and wear our brand with pride, as we couldn’t do this without you. As always, thank you for your support!